Hertzsprung-Russell rating: F101.5

Available in: The Book Of Saberhagen

What happens when the leader of a totally totalitarian (‘totallytarian’?) society decides to rebel? Well, I don’t want to give away the ending, but it involves torture, brainwashing and the reconfiguration of reality itself. You want my advice? Saberhagen has way better stuff; read that instead. You want some more of my advice? Learn to drink vodka straight, with no chaser. That way, if you go to a cottage for the weekend you’ll only have to carry one bottle.



Hertzsprung-Russell rating: G0.1

Available in: The Best Of New Dimensions

A 22nd-century rabble rousing artist visits a walled ‘Utopia’ to convince its inhabitants their ‘freedom’ is illusory and that their quotation marks are being used to express false ‘sincerity’. But the sheeple say no thanks-y to this futuristic Banksy and choose to remain high, dumb and happy. I really don’t think sheep deserve their obsequious reputation. Ever tried to tongue-kiss one against its will? They bite!