1935: ‘Derelict’ by Raymond Z. Gallun

May 21, 2008

Hertzsprung-Russell rating: B10

Available in: The Best Of Raymond Z. Gallun

When a long-abandoned alien ship is found orbiting Jupiter, an intrepid space explorer boards ‘er to discover what he can about the long-abandonees. He examines the aliens’ long-abandoned records, rifles through their long-abandoned underwear drawer and puzzles at their long-abandoned technology (this ‘Zune’ they had – what purpose did it serve?) The result of his intensive six-week, $181,000 investigation? The ship was abandoned. Possibly long ago. And that’s why the space program should be funded by the private sector.


2 Responses to “1935: ‘Derelict’ by Raymond Z. Gallun”

  1. steve3d Says:

    I have only found this story in “The Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories,” ISBN 0-679-88527-7. I have a copy of “The best of…,” but it has a different cover on it and “Derelict” is not in it. What is the ISBN of the the book shown? Thanks.

    • level9lime Says:

      The ISBN is 0 – 345 – 25273 – X. This book is a DelRay edition in a series of authors from, I think, 1930 – 1960 – ish. I have no idea how many there are, but I have The very Best Of CM Kornbluth, Murray Leinster, Raymond Z. Gallun and CL Moore. They pop up occasionally in used bookstores, and make a nice collection if you’re into that.

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